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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be able to run our Hooton Park event in 2018.



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We are a UK-based 1940s re-enactment group with a mixture of civilians and military personnel. Our members come from as far afield as Harrogate in Yorkshire, across to Lincolnshire and Norwich in the east, Conway in North Wales and Northamptonshire in the South Midlands.

We consist of a number of like-minded individuals who wear and display wartime period clothing at a variety of 1940s themed events mostly in the North of England and Midlands areas to which we are invited.

We re-enact a mixture of Allied and German and provide a series of small displays which we hope people will find interesting.  We don't do or have any interest in SS as we know some people find such things distasteful or distressing.  Most of our members are predominantly collectors of militaria, and 1940s themed events are an increasingly popular venue where we do our best to educate people about what the war was, what it meant, and the effect it had on Britain.

Whether you are interested in re-enacting as a hobby, or you have seen us at events and want to know more about us and our collections, please browse through our site. However, please note, we are no longer seeking new members.


Northern Forties works with Iconic-WW2Aircraft.co.uk who have a full scale replica Mark IX Spitfire, and now a full scale Messerschmitt 109-E.  To book these superbly built and refurbished aircraft, please call Steve Heappey on 0781 369 4143 or email sheappey@btinternet.com    Please note that its diary for 2018 is already quite full, so if you want either aircraft for 2019, you need to be asking now.


Several photos taken in 2016 can be seen on our Facebook page.  Please visit us there at https://www.facebook.com/groups/731296973680331/

Click on a photo to see the relevant Photo Album page:

August 2015:
Rauceby, Lincolnshire

August 2015:
Hooton Park, Cheshire

August 2015:
Baston, Cambridgshire


Our 2015 Year Book is available in two volumes.  You can click on each one, turn the pages like a book, and zoom in to look closer at the photos.  Please be patient and change the pages slowly - the files are very large and will take a while to download.

2015 Yearbook (Volume 1):


2015 Yearbook (Volume 2):


The 2016 and 2017 Yearbooks are not yet available

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